Special Education

Special Education

special education

Hearing the words special education can be confusing, frightening and overwhelming to any parent. The pages of special education are to educate you so that you can be the best, possible advocate for your child. I promise to provide you with the most accurate, parent friendly information on the following topics.

Autistic Education

Deaf Education

Disabled Learning

Dyslexia School Online

English and ESL Course

Gifted Children

Hearing Impaired

Learning Difficulties

Reading Difficulties

Reading Improvement

Special Needs

Visually Impaired

The Purpose of special education is to help and supports children and young people with special education needs so they can participate and contribute socially and economically.

Special education covers students with special needs or that have disabilities of an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional, or behavioural nature, or have a learning disability or have exceptional gifts or talents.

Here you will find information about where to go when a student needs extra support.

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Knowledge is Peace of Mind”

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All students should have equitable access to learning, opportunities for achievement, and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of their educational programs.